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KF 3 Strand Hempex
KF 3 Strand Hempex

KF 3 Strand Hempex


Our Price: 1.80

Kingfisher 3 strand classic synthetic rope is ideal fro traditional boats, decking and garden ropes.

Hempex® is a strong but lightweight with the appearance and feel of a natural hemp rope. Hempex® floats and is soft to the touch.

Small and larger sizes are available on request.

Breaking Strengths:
8mm - 590kgs
10mm - 900kgs
12mm - 1340kgs
14mm - 1740kgs
16mm - 2180kgs
18mm - 2730kgs
20mm - 3420kgs
22mm - 4100kgs
24mm - 4830kgs
28mm - 6470kgs
32mm - 8300kgs
36mm - 9300kgs
48mm - 16000kgs