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Dockline with Reflective Tape
Dockline with Reflective Tape

Dockline with Reflective Tape


Our Price: 3.50

A traditional product made by LANEX. The proved construction of the line incorporates a very important element – reflective tape. Thanks to this yarn, the line reflects light and you will always know exactly where your line is. You will appreciate safety and comfort of use in poorly lit marinas or during bad weather conditions.

Construction: Double braided line
Core: Polypropylene multifilament yarn
Cover: Polyester with reflective tape

Suggested Usages:
Docking Lines
Mooring Lines

Breaking Strengths:
12mm - 3500kgs
14mm - 5500kgs
16mm - 6700kgs
18mm - 8000kgs
20mm - 10000kgs
24mm - 12000kgs